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"Cruisin' In My Coupe de Ville"
Released in 2012.  Eleven original songs featuring Brad Myrick on lead guitar.  Other musicians include Steve Naylor - electric bass;  Paul Stauffacher - drums;  Greg Rothwell - acoustic bass.  Recorded at Tweek Sound and Mastering.   Straight-ahead swing and retro jazz.  A little latin bossa, and smooth jazzy ballads.
"Chase Away The Blues"
Released in  2009.  Musicians include Derek Adams - sax, and Bob Whitton - guitar  from The Roof Top Five;   Steve Organek - guitar; Ace Bailey - harmonica.
Recorded at Tweek Sound and Mastering.
Retro blues, funk and boogie.
"Idiots With Mangosi"
Released in  2008.  Lounge humor and paradies featuring Adric Rosen on tenor sax and flute.  Doctor Demento meets Spike Jones for breakfast with Frank Zappa.
"Green Martini"
Released in  2006.  Recorded by Tweek Sound and Mastering.  Musicians include Steve Organek - bass and lead guitar; Geno Bouffard - drums;  Mick Dunn - sax; and Steve Ullman - guitar.
Live ensemble recording with some great musicians.