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Video of live show at the Jazz at Sunset Series, Castle in the Clouds, Moultonborough, NH
July 2015.

Short medley of three songs.

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YouTube video.
Kenny and Brad Myrick at Castle in the Clouds Video of live show at the Concord Audi - Mar 2014.

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YouTube video

If My Dog Could Drive
If I Only Had a Brain
Ain't No Guarantee
God Bless The Child That's Got His Own
Chase Away The Blues
Video of live show at the
Market Days,  Concord NH
July, 2014.

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YouTube video

Your Body Language
Bread and Butter
Stinky Dog
Almost Like Falling in Love
Down The Road
KW and Brad Market Days 3 2014.jpg (40953 bytes) Medley of songs recorded live at the Lazy Lion Cafe in
Deerfield, NH in 2010.

Sampler of live performance by me and Brad Myrick at the Goode News Cafe in 2012.

A medley of original songs taken at the Songpull, 2008-09.  This was a monthly gathering of singer/songwriters at the Shashkeen Restaurant in
Manchester NH.  Click on the picture for a link to the YouTube video.


In 2008, blues and soul singer Ava Du Pree covered one of my songs, "This Heart Ain't Breakin' For You".  This is a live studio recording by a very talented singer.