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Another True Story.jpg (30846 bytes)June 6, 2017  - My latest CD of ten original songs produced by Brad Myrick,  recorded at Dreamsicle Studio.

Kenny Weiland, guitar and vocals
Brad Myrick, guitar and background vocals
Joey Pierog, bass
Paul P.J. Donahue, drums. 

Listen and purchase at CD Baby



maryfagan.jpg (24958 bytes)September 30, 2016  - Hey guys and gals. Mary Fagan just released two new CDs. "Honey To The Bee" is a cool breeze on a warm night - all originals including "You Make It Look So Easy" written by yours truly.

"Jazz 8" is a buffet of jazz covers plus a fab version of my tune "I Wish My Dog Could Drive". My favorite gypsy is one of the most talented writers and performers I've had the pleasure to know.

Please check 'em out - great stuff.



February 19, 2015  - Launched Indiegogo Campaign to raise money for V  E  R  G  E, a new album of original songs.  When Brad Myrick said he wanted to produce my next album of original songs, he didn’t have to twist my arm much. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Brad for about four years now, and every gig is a party. The energy level goes up and the music comes alive. That’s the way it is, and should be, when you collaborate with great musicians.

I want to do this right, and right takes money – more than I can scrape together on my own. This new album will happen – how well it happens depends on the support from friends and fans that have enjoyed my music for over thirty years as a soloist and member of The Late Harvest Band, The Roberts Brothers Band, and The Swunk Brothers.

This will be a fun project and we’d love to include some great talent to compliment Brad’s arrangements and production. Marketing and sales have never been my strong suit, so I’ll make my request as graciously as possible. Thank you for your generous support.


January 3, 2015  - Won the "Best Song" contest for the New England Songwriter Search sponsored by Dreamsicle Arts & Entertainment.  This was the second of four contests, and the overall winner will be announced at the Grand Finale on June 6, 2015.  This is open to the public and more info is available here:  NE Songwriter Search - Grand Finale 

November 17, 2012 - My song "Cruisin' In My Coupe de Ville" was played on "Car Talk".  This is the second original song chosen for radio play on the nationally syndicated show. (See below) But I was a little sad to read that Ray and Tom have decided to end production of the most popular NPR show after 25 years. Car Talk will continue though with "new shows" built from previous shows. It's been a great run.

July 31, 2010 -  What can 25 seconds of airplay generate?  Nationally syndicated radio show "Car Talk" played a 25 second clip of my song "If My Dog Could Drive".  I sent a CD to them a year ago and forgotten about it until I got some emails from folks that heard it.  An accoustic version of the song on YouTube generated over 300 plays in a ten hour period.  People downloaded the song from iTunes, emusic, and napster.  All this from 25 seconds of airpolay.  Oh, the power of radio!

August 24, 2006 - "Green Martini" CD is reviewed by the Music Association of New Hampshire.  "Get Swunky" is the headline for Pete Lampron's review of our live CD recording in the first issue of the MANH newsletter.  

Kenny Weiland recorded this cd in two weeks at his home and it is not only a sonically well-constructed self-release, it also showcases a talented group of guys who lay down jazzy, swing-laden songs with a panache that is both convincing and just plain cool.

"Green Martini" is a feast of well-written material and musical performances that allow the musicians to showcase without driving you to distraction with self-indulgent playing.  And that's coming from a guitar player who loves to solo.

In the tracks on Green Martini I hear traces of Steely Dan, a little bit of Harry Conick flavor in the timbre of Kenny's vocals, and about a lifetime's worth of swing and jazz spirits. - Pete Lampron

Ava Dupree

June 13, 2006 - I received an email from Ava Dupree telling me she will record one of my songs, "This Heart Ain't Breakin' for You".  She wilil begin recording her next CD titled "Blues for Sistah Dupree" in August.  Ava has three CDs, all available on www.cdbaby.com. 

Sample of Ava's version of "This Heart Ain't Breakin' for You".


Hi Ken,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm recording a new CD at the beginning of August.   Your song is one of the ones I'll be singing.  The title of my CD will be "Blues For Sistah Dupree".  Thank for writing such a great song for me to sing. 

Peace and Harmony,
Ava DuPree

June 8, 2006 - Kenny and Steve Ullman were interviewed by Anthony Schinella for his hour-long "Arts and Entertainment in the Capital Region" program on WKXL-1450 am.  It was a real blast.  Steve and I played a couple tunes from the new CD "Green Martini".  Anthony kept it lively with some interesting questions, quips, and goodhearted comments.  It aired on June 16.

June 9, 2006 - I was interviewed by Sal Calfa for his podcast music program called Le Jazz Affair.   Sal's twice-weekly podcast generates over four hundred downloads and is one of the liveliest jazz internet shows on the web.  His shows ordinarily features three to five different jazz artists, but occasionally he will dedicate an entire show to one artist.  Sal was a gracious host and played four of my songs from the new CD, "Green Martini", and asked some interesting questions.  I really enjoyed the experience.